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Popular Italian Artist NELIA ROSS’s New Music Video ‘True Light’ Creates a Sensation in the Music Scene

Italy-based singer-songwriter NELIA ROSS is bringing a unique Italian melodic flavor to American music. She offers a brilliant acoustic experience to the audience. She has recently released a brand-new music video, True Light that has already received more than 11k views on YouTube. The gifted artist has taken some time out of her busy schedule to answer a few of our questions about her music and herself.

Hello NELIA ROSS! Congratulations on the wide success of your new music video, ‘True Light’. Thank you for doing this interview with us. Here are the questions:


Q. So, tell us who is NELIA ROSS and where she is from?

Ans: I’m a singer, songwriter, composer and piano player. I come from Italy.

Q. How did you get involved with music and when did you start your musical journey?

Ans: I started playing piano when I was 5 years old thanks to my cousins coming from the USA who at that time were performing with their cover band “Van Halen”. I simply adored them while playing on the stage and I decided that one day I would have been on the same stage playing and singing.

Q. What is the most special aspect of your new music video, ‘True Light’? How was your experience while making it?

Ans: First of all it is a video inspired by the gothic ambience, it is a voice & piano song, and I’m really playing the piano. Nowadays we are ver used to listen to musics which are full of sounds, electronic sounds, many sequencer are used. And I was thinking to do something completely different. Only voice & piano, to relax, to bring people to listen to the music, to take their time to enjoy it.
I am surrounded by a fantastic team, so while making the video we had a lot of fun, starting from the video makers who, while changing cameras, were requesting me to play the phantom of the Opera, or Imagine by John Lennon, the first artist who inspired me in writing my songs.

Q. What is the inspiration behind such a heart-touching melodic piece?

Ans: Well. Everyone has fallen in love at least once in his life. At that moment I was thinking on how beautiful is the love where two persons love each other and tend to each other keeping its own individuality, but sharing everything, without asking to change but simply remaining itself. It is so difficult, and the real love needs to be fed day by day.

Q. Which instruments were used to form the melodic flow of the track?

Ans: All my songs are created by playing the piano. It is always present.

Q. Did you write the lyrics? Which lines express your thoughts and emotions perfectly?

Ans: I think that This is the first song that wasn’t completely written by me, instead I cooperated with an American artist, Nico Adams. He wrote the lyrics and I wrote the music. But he succeeded in interpreting my emotions perfectly, above all these lines ” people say some things happen for a reason, you seem to know what is on my mind, I’ve been so lost through all of the seasons” “..And I love you as you are, and you wouldn’t shape me, you’re my other side, the love of my life” and “…I know, you’ll never leave me behind…”

Q. What message are you trying to convey through the song?

Ans: That is really so important not to lose our own personality and individuality, but to make efforts to understand each other, to tend to each other to try to overcome all the problems that may rise while living together.

Q. The music video is amazing. Tell us about your experience while shooting it.

Ans. It was an amazing experience. My team and I were really so excited to making this video. Above all, I brought the “music box with the little dancer” that belonged to my mother who lost her life due to COVID -19 last year. And while this little black music box was playing on my piano in the same time I was playing the piano and singing, I could feel the presence of my mother. I know she was somewhere there listening to me. I was taking care about costumes, make up, objects to place and lights to use for the video. I was taking care of all the details.

Q. We hear that you are a multi-instrumentalist. Which instruments do you play?

Ans: I play only piano and keyboards. But someday I’m quite sure I’ll learn to play the accordion. Who knows?

Q. Are you associated with a production house or record label currently?

Ans. My production house and record label company is the new born Biscroma Records LLC, which is also my publisher (ASCAP Publisher) and is based in Henderson, Nevada (USA).

Q. What do you plan to release in the coming months?

Ans. I’m going to release several songs that I wrote during the pandemia, that are pop/rock international style, and have the Italian melody, the American rhythm and the English sound, all combined and mixed together! You’ll see. They are really amazing!

Q. What would your suggestion be to the newcomers in the music industry?

Ans. To really believe in what they do. The more peculiar you are, the more beautiful your song will be. And your personality will come out and will be so impressive to bring people to remember about you and your songs. Never copy other artists. Be yourself and express yourself through the most powerful instruments we have in this world: your imagination and the music!

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