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Prince of Pop Kidd Clxoud savors the latest track ‘By My Side’ with retro pop magic

Kidd Clxoud

Sunny and fizzy beats of retro pop music have captivated the senses of the music enthusiasts for the elusive fusion of pop and wild synth waves that bring the magic of 80s’ and 90’s bygone touches. One man that helped to reshape the frame of pop music with his intervention of retro beats into the scene is none other than the prince of pop, Kidd Clxoud. Words cannot describe his charismatic eminence yet his poetic lyrics are the reason why his songs are trending on the music charts. He blends the beauty of retro sound with frisky pop beats to create the transcendental bliss that lingers longer like a hangover from Hennessy. He debuted with ‘SERENA’ in 2020, a song that hits the perfect balance of pop and R&B. The Texas-based artist is here with us, for an exclusive interview where he talks about every in and out of his musical projects. He is very eager to share that his new single By My Side, with flawless vocals and silky smooth rhythms, is out now.

Daily Music Roll: Welcome to the interview. It’s an honor to have you with us right now. Congratulations on the new single release. How are you feeling about ‘By My Side’?

Kidd Clxoud: Thank you very much the pleasure is all mine And to answer your question I feel excited and proud of By My Side.

Daily Music Roll: I heard the song and I have to admit that it’s like I got stuck in a limbo of that song. You seemed to be quite experimental with the new single. What has inspired you to be so experimental with pop music?

Kidd Clxoud: Ahh Thank you and well I’m very experimental with different types of the genre but mainly Pop music. It’s the little things that inspired me some are listening to Michael Jackson and Prince and plus there are many other artists that help paved the way.

DMR: What are you trying to say with those poetic verses? I can find so many edges, so many facets of meaning. Can you tell our readers what should they perceive from the track?

Kidd Clxoud: I can say a lot about the track but I’m going to try to keep short and sweet By My Side is mainly about Kidd Clxoud past relationships that seem to always come back and hunt him. as you hear in the song when he acts “what happens when we fade away” it could mean what happens if we don’t get back together this time. It’s a lot of small things that people could pick up from listening to By My Side.

DMR: It’s a superb dance number. Do you think it would be better if you could release it in summer?

Kidd Clxoud: Yes, of course, I believe it would have been better by me releasing it earlier this year in the summer but I had another track, Serena, that I released during the summer and it’s a dance number so By My Side just happened to fall short of the summer.

DMR: How about your debut song ‘SERENA’? What kind of feelings are mixed with it?

Kidd Clxoud: SERENA is my number one it’s my debut track when I first released SERENA I had so many nerves only because I didn’t know how the public would receive it. But yea it’s only my first year doing music and by getting the love and respect and seeing how people view SERENA is very incredible. So to answer your question the feelings that are mixed with it are Love, Happiness, Joy, and Excitement.

DMR: Do you want to share any childhood memories that actually helped you with your latest compositions?

Kidd Clxoud: Yes, sure childhood memories it’s always fun when you reminisce. I do remember when I was younger I used to love singing and voicing myself vocally either when I was at school or at home or just playing in the park. Growing up my mother used to always listen to old school so I would love singing Boyz II Men, Jackson 5, Usher, R Kelly, The Five Heartbeats, The Temptations, Smokey Robinson, Al Green, and Lonnie Williams and that’s only just to name of few there’s a lot more that I grew up on. So yeah that’s the little backstory that helps me make music today it reminds me that I don’t have to be the same as everybody else I could be unique.

DMR: What motivates you every single day to work hard and be creatively productive to make more songs?

Kidd Clxoud: The thing that motivates me is having a good team around me having people that got my back especially nowadays in the music industry. So I’ll say my team helps me and number one is God.

DMR: Do you feel exhausted in the process?

Kidd Clxoud: It’s a “Marathon, not a Sprint” early, in the beginning, yes I experience burnout but now as I settled into the music industry I see I have to pace myself.

DMR: What is going to be your next move? Making more music or touring?

Kidd Clxoud: My next move could possibly be another single on the away or it could be me finishing up an album but I do want to tour especially when the corona is not shutting down every venue.

DMR: Who has inspired you to take music to the next level?

Kidd Clxoud: To be quite frankly with you there’s a lot of people that inspire me to make music so it’s hard for me to be picking one person when it’s a team that’s carrying my back.

DMR: Do you have plans to go on a vacation after the pandemic ends?

Kidd Clxoud: I don’t see myself going on vacation after pandemic only because there’s a lot of new artists out there that grinds daily to be at the top so I can’t ignore the competition. Even when the pandemic is over with I’m still going to be working hard and grinding and fighting my way to the top. I want to be the best I want to inspire the next generation.

DMR: Do you want to tell a few words to your fans about the upcoming music?

Kidd Clxoud: To my fans and everybody who listens to my music I clearly want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart, you guys put me in this place you guys put me in this predicament thank you from the bottom of my heart again and keep your eyes peeled because some new tracks could be dropping next month or so. So thank you for taking the time to interview me today all is very much appreciated.