Seasoned singer-songwriter Laurel K Adams brings you the best flavors of versatile music with her compositions | Daily Music Roll

Seasoned singer-songwriter Laurel K Adams brings you the best flavors of versatile music with her compositions

The newest gem in the global music scene Laurel K Adams is under the constant spotlight due to her back-to-back hit creations that astonish the listeners everywhere. She not only sings cover songs but creates purely original songs as well. She has captivated the hearts of the audience with her brilliant new collection featuring her exceptional voice and mesmerizing rhythmic flow. She has taken some time out of her busy schedule to do an interview with us, where she reveals some facts about her music and herself.

Congratulations Laurel K Adams on the success of your new creations getting a vast amount of audience engagement within a short period! Thank you for answering our questions. Here they are:

Laurel K Adams

DMR: So, the first thing our readers would like to know is who is Laurel K Adams and where does she come from?

Ans: I am a 17 yr-old young songwriter/musician singer.

DMR: When did you start making music? When did you step into the professional music scene?

Ans: I started writing poems at 9 yrs old and then songs at 12 years old.

DMR: Do you write your own songs? Name some of your original songs. What is the motivation behind those compositions?

Ans: I write the majority of my songs. On my new EP. I wrote all of the songs except for two covers. The EP is 6 songs. I wrote 4 of the songs, however, I have a catalog of songs I have written. My original songs on this EP are:

  • Dancing In The Eye Of The Hurricane
  • You Were Made For More
  • You Need To Let Go
  • I’m Not Waiting Around For You


DMR: What is the secret behind your extraordinary tenacity and creativity?

Ans: My secret is that I am a tenacious, persistent, consistent, determined, positive thinker, I believe that I can achieve what I set out to accomplish in life.

DMR: What are your plans for the future? Are you working on any new project now?

Ans: My plans for the future are to be successful in my music career, finish college, whichever comes first with hopes that it’s my career and then I can finish college.

DMR: Are you signed with any production company or are you working alone?

Ans: I am working with a production team and I have a manager.

DMR: What is your advice for the upcoming artists? How can they improve their works?

Ans: My advice for upcoming artists: Never give up. Hone your skills, it takes practice and more practice. Stay encouraged. Believe in yourself. When the opportunity knocks, be ready, be prepared. Preparation, Preparation. Be honest; don’t be too hungry for success. I have a great manager who is an older adult, she is wise, she is my mentor and she is very knowledgeable of the industry and she has taught me not to be hungry for success, work hard in honing my skills, listen, focus, be prayerful in all that I do and success will come, keep expecting it to happen.

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