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Lana Del Rey’s alternative video of new single ‘Arcadia’ catches the attention of the world

Lana Del Rey
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American singer-songwriter Lana Del Rey has dropped an alternative version of the original music video of her last month’s release, ‘Arcadia’ from her upcoming eighth studio album, ‘Blue Banisters’. In the new music video, she is seen swinging in her backyard. The album is set to release on October 22nd, 2021 as CDs, cassettes, and in some exclusive vinyl formats. It will have a total of 15 amazing tracks

The music video is produced by Drew Erickson and it will be a part of the album, ‘Blue Banisters’ along with the previously released singles, ‘Text Book’ and ‘Wildflower Wildfire’ in May this year. Vonda-famed Mike Dean had also been given the credit of a producer to the follow-up of her last album, ‘Chemtrails Over the Country Club’. Both the songs were written by the artist herself in Los Angeles.

Before the record is set to release, the singer had deactivated her social media accounts. She told her fans about the decision that she has many other interests and newer things to do, which needs full privacy and transparency. She further said that she is currently working on her records, short poetry books, spoken word albums, and more.

She describes her upcoming album as a collection of some older and newer songs. Some of the songs are written by her family members and friends. And most of them are written by previous collaborators.

Lana Del Rey shared the original video of the track, ‘Arcadia’ last month. On October 7th, she has dropped an alternative version of the music video on major streaming sites. Del Rey has revealed that she has put a condition in her will, which prohibits others to release her posthumous music after her death.

Similar demands have been made recently by artist Anderson. Pakk. He shared his new tattoo that asks others to not release his posthumous albums and songs after his death with his name attached. The tattoos also reveal that those songs were just his inner demon and they were never meant to be released.

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