Up-and-coming hip hop artist Razrfish is generating a huge buzz with his latest banger ‘Birds’ | Daily Music Roll

Up-and-coming hip hop artist Razrfish is generating a huge buzz with his latest banger ‘Birds’

Brilliant musical arrangement and a catchy rapping style have united in the latest bangers by Razrfish. He is gaining a lot of attention with the track ‘Birds’


Get ready for an exciting musical journey as Razrfish is creating a new wave in the hip-hop industry with his latest tracks. This rapper has come up with another track named Birds. Smooth, catchy, and invigorating; this track is capable of providing listeners a balance between nostalgia and refreshment. The artist has collaborated with Dylon Jones to craft this amazing banger. The track is finely calibrated with some exciting digital grooves that envelop everyone with a major hook. The hook is further carried by the flawless deliverance by the artist that is filled with subtle moments of creativity and eclecticism.

Rejuvenating the classic essence of Cali style, the rapper has an amazing rhythmic hold which helps him to make subtle changes through his lyrical flow and deliverance. He is currently planning on releasing more singles in the coming days of his prolific musical career which is spreading far and wide. The rapper possesses a smooth meandering vocal tone that complements each track by putting an additional layer of creativity and entertainment. The latest banger ‘Birds’ is the greatest example of that.

 Not to mention, but this talented music artist has been making some great progress through each successful release. Previously, he has dropped several singles like, ‘Hammerhead’, ‘Red Tongue’, ‘Dog Day Afternoon’, etc that impressed listeners with a unique groove. The rapper is breaking the conventional patterns of hip hop and creating a new wave of alternative hip hop music with his sheer individuality. Follow Razrfish on Spotify to have a taste of his music.

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