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Upcoming Pop Artist KARMAA’s New Song ‘Alive’ Presents a Riveting Course of Rhythmic and Lyrical Union

The peppy and fresh aura of contemporary pop in upcoming artist KARMAA’s recently released song, ‘Alive’ is an intense scope of musical and production arrangements.


The illustrious musical scope of pop music and its evolution through contemporary times is being presented in a new, exciting light by upcoming artist KARMAA. The artist creates a web of musical and thematic courses with the verses of her newly released song, Alive. The song is a pleasant experience of new-wave music and resonates with the extrovert mannerisms and production of pop music. The song is also a thematic bundle that the artist accurately handles through her lyrical; expertise. She uses her vocal prowess to elevate the creative scope of the song to newfound degrees.

The pop artist has already made big waves of audience engagement with her other songs such as ‘What Happened?’, ‘Insincerely’, ‘WERKK’, and ‘E.T.’ among many others. However, Alive is giving her career a new boost towards a flourishing direction as more and more people are taking notice of the new release. Produced by Drvke beats & Esse and engineered by Mateus Seth. The song is inspired by the life and career of one of the biggest successes in the industry, Missy Elliott, and the artist’s 3-year-old nephew who is fighting cancer and emitting the best notes of motivation.

Artist KARMAA observes the thematic content of the song as a reminder that life is precious and hence, everyone should embrace it and work towards their dreams. Thus, behind the glamor of the pop song lies a beautiful and inspiring saga that will further allow the audience to reach their space of liberation. The artist’s prolific use of production arrangements and its undulating patterns through the song makes for a recreational engagement that immerses the listener into its heavy beats and groove. To be a part of her growing musical scope and her inspirational thematic stories in each song, follow her work on the platforms of Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, Tidal, Amazon Music, and more.

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