Natural Hip-hop and R&B artist Dosseh Loe have shown his musical sculptures in ‘Making Plans’ | Daily Music Roll

Natural Hip-hop and R&B artist Dosseh Loe have shown his musical sculptures in ‘Making Plans’

With the showcasing of the song ‘Makin Plans’ the artist of this song, Dosseh Loe has shown his stronghold over the hip-hop and R&B genre.

Dosseh Loe

In the song, Makin Plans’ the artist wants to draw the attention of reality within this society. Hence, through this song, Dosseh Loe has raised a reality of the society that is some women do not get appreciation from their lovers but can get appreciation from this song. Furthermore, the song has been written and sung with an inspirational and refreshing tone. On the other hand, as the song can be related to the ground reality it can become a heart-touching number for many listeners. With respect to the music, it can be said that the background music behind the rap is simply outstanding as well as catchy. With the contributions of Chris Gunna, the song has produced more hip-hop flavor and R&B characteristics.

Dosseh Loe has impressively introduced this song for making women self-dependent and self-reliant. From this project of ‘Makin Plans,’ the singer can find his new benchmark in the hip-hop and R&B genres. The intimating, honest and captivating writing of this song could attract the most number of potential music lovers. Furthermore, the singer has other beautiful songs and most of them are related to any contemporary social issues. Hence, some of the names of his other tracks are ‘Headed Your Direction’, ‘After Hours’, and ‘I Love It’. Furthermore, due to the amazing musical arrangements and promoting social issues each song of his was popularized in the hip-hop and R&B genre. The craze of this singer is becoming so high that his presence can be found on all music streaming sites. Apart from that his Facebook and Instagram profiles are also overflowing with loads of followers count.

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