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DJ Stan Sitwell releases a stompy house music dance number ‘Far Away’

The in-demand American DJ and EDM maker Stan Sitwell churns out delicate dance hooks and syncopated techno beats lightly entailed with cautious lyricism ‘Far Away’.

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Started almost over 20 years ago, the sensational DJ Stan Sitwell a.k.a. DJ Tim Mills has finally peaked in his career with a grand Deep House anthem Far Away. Though his music is recognized as an electronic blend step, the new song has outshined his other hits with the light blend of electro-pop with techno beat nostalgia. The concept is quite interesting and weird. The music accompanying the narrative in many ways is as fascinating and perhaps more meaningful. The introduction shocks you with a short and intense moment of ethereal ecstasy, and then later, as soon as you are in a dreamlike state, his diversity grabs into the depths of your mind.

Stan Sitwell has been rocking the EDM industry since 1998 and he hasn’t yet decided to rest. Without any hiatus from the music companies, he still relishes producing original soundscapes for the people who love clubbing. The new song ‘Far Away’ is created with danceable hooks and lightly syncopated techno riffs. His music is vast, majestic, and strong, with all the newness, and the extremely exquisite portions of trance and electronic music. This blending of trance with House music is unique; it is heavy and fresh — it is so new and thrilling, no matter where you are, that you will crank it up. It is a wonderful track that helps listeners to immerse themselves in his world. Currently, he is living in Canada. Get the full discography of him from Spotify, music apple, Youtube, Bandcamp, and Mixcloud.

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