Dreamy Piano Sound With High Pitch Note of NELIA ROSS in ‘True Light’ Can Feel You a Late-Night Vibes | Daily Music Roll

Dreamy Piano Sound With High Pitch Note of NELIA ROSS in ‘True Light’ Can Feel You a Late-Night Vibes

Focused production, deeply emotional, and catchy writing in ‘True Light’ a soulful pop song by NELIA ROSS can really feel soothing and refreshing.


A melodic, euphonious, and emotional soulful pop song True Light’ can really touch the soul of a listener. Therefore, after listening to this song it can be said that the song could create a real benchmark in the soulful pop genre. Furthermore, after listening to this song the listeners are now expecting to get soulful pop songs from NELIA ROSSThrough this song, the singer wants to recollect some sweet memories between two lovers. Therefore, the clear sound and refreshing melodic piano arrangement have really expressed the original vibe of the total song.

Furthermore, the singer is a piano artist as well as a songwriter having a love with the American culture. She has a very strong musical background as she has started her musical journey at the age of five. Hence, that is the reason she has composed such a beautiful soulful pop song for the audience. In the video song on YouTube, her presence, as well as her gesture, fills the genuine need of the song. The combinations of the high and low notes throughout the song could make you feel a musical roller coaster journey. After that, the song lyrics and the musical arrangements of this song can make you feel a soothing moment.

After releasing the teaser of ‘True Light’ on the singer’s YouTube channel at the very first moment the singer has caught the attention of the listeners. Vocally in tune with the recording-like sound has really made the song catchy especially to any lover. Due to the high training on the music, the singer NELIA ROSS has shown her musical caliber within this song. Thus, through the strong vocal grooves and the musical swing with her piano, she can mesmerize the listener of this song. Familiar in style the singer is telling a story through her song and that could be related to many people all around the world.

Most importantly, the energy of the singer has never gone down throughout the song and it would feel oneself the same feelings throughout the song. Her song can be found on various social networking channels such as YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Moreover, she has her own musical website and one can find her name on the Reverbnation platform. Hypnotic in nature and the heartbreaker mood delivers the right note to what the title implies of this song. It will be interesting to listen to more music from this artist in the near future.

Video Link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K5oRpNvI_a4