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Soothe your soul with Nove The Don’s latest Conscience Rap representation ‘FEAST’

Listen to your conscience with Nove The Don as the rapper has come up with his latest banger ‘FEAST’. It is featured by JD Hunt and setting an example in the industry.

Nove The Don

Featuring a laid-back groovier essence of old-school hip-hop music, Nove The Don is churning out a retro flavor of rap. The rapper has recently dropped a single named FEAST, which is enveloping all the listeners with an indulgent lyrical approach. The rapper has a smooth and catchy vocal tone that provides a major hook to the listeners with his eclectic style of deliverance. Finely calibrated musical arrangement and the rapper’s unwavering lyrical flow help to establish the hard-hitting subject matter with a deeper impact. The track is well written and it embraces the good qualities of the striving people around the world. Featured with JD Hunt, this banger is a confession of the struggling lives who made sacrifices to feed the family. The rapper is being the voice for the millions who are trying their best to make a living. The banger consists of an ample amount of invigorating vibes that can motivate all kinds of people around the world.

The latest track ‘FEAST’ has been released with an official music video that portrays the artist’s confident personality. The music video id directed by Troy Johnson while LLC JONES & JD HUNT took care of shooting and editing. It has been released under the label of CHNTWNUSA / TRAILMIX Production. The banger is one of the greatest examples of Conscience Rap that revolves around bringing out the inner voice. The rapper has been mastering his skills of rapping for more than 4 years now and each of the bangers depicts the artist’s musical psyche and creative persona. Previously known as ‘Red November’, Nove has offered listeners multiple tracks that intrigued people to rethink life and society. Currently, New Jersey-based rapper & producer rapper is looking forward to releasing more tracks in the coming days. Follow Nove The Don on YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Music to know more about this artist and his music.

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